The Wackiest Ideas for a Rocking Dorm Party


So, you’ve settled into college life and you’re becoming acquainted with your dorm mates. Now you’re ready to throw a get-together in your dorm room, but don’t know where to start. Dorm parties can be a lot of fun, even though the venue is small and likely governed by a stack of rules as long as your arm. For this reason, review your dorm’s guidelines for partying down, and then sit back and read on for some ideas for a rocking dorm party your friends won’t soon forget.

Movie-Themed Party

Choose a popular movie, and then require all attendees to dress as a character from that movie. Play games based on the movie, and watch the movie during the party. Have an award for best costume, worst costume, worst character interpretation, and so on. Some good ones include “Hunger Games,” “Harry Potter,” and “Star Wars.”

You Say It’s Your Birthday; It’s My Birthday Too!

A birthday-themed bash is always a lot of fun, especially if one of your attendees is actually having a birthday. Throwing a collective birthday party can be interesting. Throw the party just as you would any other party, with classic party games, cake and ice cream, party hats, streamers, and the works. Exchange small gifts if you’d like, or allow attendees to “draw names” prior to the party date, so that they just have one gift to bring.

Decade-Themed Party

Revisit the days of yesteryear in a fun way with a decade-specific party. Each guest must dress in attire from the designated decade, such as big hair and leggings for 80s parties or flapper girls for 40s parties. Play music from the decade for a little added fun.

Hawaiian Luau Party


This party is particularly fun in the colder months of the year when everyone is longing for summer sun and vacations. Deck out the room for a Hawaiian feast, play soothing Hawaiian music, and don’t forget the grass skirts and coconut bras.

Ridiculous Outfit Party

Challenge guests to visit the local secondhand or Goodwill store and find the wackiest, most outrageous outfit possible. Give out awards for the worst dressed, cheapest outfit, and so on.

Toga Party

The campus experience is never really complete without attending a few toga parties. Make togas from bed sheets and have fun parading around doing what your parents and grandparents likely did before you.

Zombie Party

Whether you’re a fan of “Z Nation” or “The Walking Dead” or both, you can’t go wrong with a zombie party. Throwing such a party to coincide with Halloween can be fun. Guests must come dressed as the undead to be admitted to the party and compete in zombie fashion shows and other events to win prizes.

“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” Party

Love them or hate them, the Kardashians are pretty entertaining, and a party centered around the famous sisters is a good way to hang out, do makeovers and mani/pedis, and have a great time. Scheduling the party around the show’s season premiere or on the night it airs gives you a chance to watch together.

Camping Party


Turn the dorm into a campsite with a camping party. Pitch small tents, sleep in sleeping bags, make s’mores, and tell ghost stories.

Video Game Party

Host a video game party centered on whatever game you and your friends love to play: GTA or Super Mario – whatever works for you. Have a tournament to see who’s the best, and give awards for most kills, best moves, and so forth.

No matter which type of party you choose, be sure to have lots of drinks (well, reasonable amount of drinks) and snack foods on hand to keep your guests happy. Don’t invite more people than the room can reasonably accommodate, and be sure to snap lots of photos to commemorate the event.

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