Nine Awesome Ways to Spend Halloween 2016


Halloween may be the one calendar day that thrills you. Or, it might horrify you—and not in a good “Halloweeny” way. The holiday may feel like work, where it’s impossible to conjure up the right amount of fright to really “wow” anyone, and often it seems tricky (get it?) to figure out what everyone is doing for fun.

So what to do on Halloween is always an issue come late October. But hear this: if you’re agonizing over what to do on Halloween, it’s likely you’re over-thinking. Stop being stumped about how to spend the evening: read the ideas to follow, then bridge the gap between full-on Halloween fun and more middle-of-the-road happenings.

Most importantly, stop waiting for that perfect party invite, or that “Ah-ha!” moment where the best-ever costume suddenly materializes. Get outside your own head and leave the norm behind in figuring out just what suits you for October 31.

Attend a Party

No doubt some friends are planning on having a costume party—it’s just a natural inclination to impress each other on Halloween. But choose carefully—after all, some parties prove more demanding than others! For example, some hosts insist that everyone dress up, and some over-the-top party planners even impose a costume contest, complete with an award for the best attire. If that kind of pressure doesn’t interest you, avoid and divert. You’ll have more fun in a less intense environment.

…or Throw One Yourself

If the perfect party has never presented itself, what about taking on host/hostess duties? Develop a theme that you know would fit a variety of people in your social circle, then steer a middle ground between the dreaded costume requirements and looser rules and regs. Your party might provide a comfort zone for those not really into dressing up—making it the best gig in town.

Go Out and About

Local establishments often roll out cool events for Halloween, and some come without the costume hassles. Do some internet research ahead of time to see what’s what, then figure out when and where the ideal festivities are brewing. By heading out to a nearby bar or restaurant, you’ll enjoy some unbelievable people watching—and maybe with the focus on that, you can avoid getting in the weeds of Halloween costume creation.

Date Night!

What about Halloween date night? Think about what your significant other is into and work that into the plan. Get him or her a costume, if that’s a good call, then develop a strategic plot for campus gallivanting (maybe trick-or-treat around the dorms). After that, grab a bite then take in a movie (nope, doesn’t even have to be scary). Your plan might just merge the perfect combination of things, making for an unforgettable date night.

Be Neighborly

One amazingly (and unexpectedly) fun thing to do is to attend a Halloween parade, where people of all ages turn out to show off costumes and celebrate a sense of community. Show up. Show support.

Help Kids Have Fun

Along these same lines would be to take part in a community church’s “Trunk or Treat.” In an effort to offer alternatives to neighborhood wandering on Halloween, these events often take place a few days before the actual holiday, which means maybe you could volunteer at something like this and still do your own Halloween thing on the 31st!

Sponsor a Decorating Contest

Even more fun would be to coordinate a décor contest. Draw up and distribute the rules down your street or around your dorm, then convene a panel of judges to evaluate results. Of course, design an award for the winners, then put up signage to alert trick-or-treaters about your hood’s coordinated efforts!

… And then Decorate to Win!

Rely on ingenuity here: decorate to attract neighborhood wanderers—impress and scare, I always say. Up the “spook” even more by paying extra attention to lighting and by playing some evocative orchestral music for effect. Get easy access to scary movie music via a simple Google search.

Um, Hand Out Candy?

So this one might sound odd—and too obvious—but how about staying home to hand out candy? It’s a logical solution to the “what to do” conundrum, and often more fun than a person ever expects.


Finally: don’t ever forget to have fun. Halloween may truly mean lots of pressure with all the decoration and costume design. But all in all, it’s another opportunity to use your creativity and bring the wackiest ideas to life!

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