Cheap yet Awesome: Top 10 Travel Destinations for College Students


Whether it’s a summer vacation or just a long weekend, sometimes you need to get away from it all. But as a student, you’re also on a tight budget. So how can you find a fun vacation that doesn’t break the bank? Here is a list of the top travel destinations for students.


This is an ideal destination if you are interested in outdoor adventures such as hiking, kayaking, or bamboo rafting. You can also experience Thailand’s rich cultural life by visiting some Buddhist temples, or even volunteering. And these memorable experiences will cost you very little: you can explore Bangkok for as little as $20 a day and accommodations in a hostel will cost you only about $7 a night.

Sri Lanka

This country offers beautiful mountains and temples to visit, and it’s relatively affordable. It’s easy to get around in Sri Lanka because distances between places are short. It also has a total of 8 of the Unesco World Heritage Sites, making it an intriguing place to visit.


This country is comprised of thousands of small islands which offer a highly unique and affordable travel experience. You can try almost anything from beach-side yoga to surfing, and you will find many activities here that are either cheap or free. Be sure to plan ahead about which islands you want to visit, as the cost of traveling from one island to another can really add up.



Historic buildings. Majestic volcanoes. Invitingly warm, bright-blue lakes. These are among the many attractions that this budget-friendly country has to offer. Visit in the time from December to February, while the weather is balmy but not excessively hot.

Costa Rica

This unique small country offers many experiences that you can find nowhere else, such as a hike through the rainforest at Corcovado National Park, where there are 500 different species of tree, as well as rare animal species, like the glass frog and the scarlet macaw. You can also zip line, surf, or visit some picturesque volcanoes for a traveling experience that is second to none. It’s also easy to get around in Costa Rica because of its small size.


The city of Cancun, with its white beaches and famous nightclubs, is a legendary vacation spot for students. But there are other things to do too. You visit jungles full of wildlife or try Mexico’s unique cuisine. And you can do all this on a budget of about $27 a day.

Panama City, Florida

For a more traditional “spring break” destination, you can’t beat this town. It is apt to be less crowded than similar locations but still caters to the college crowd. There’s no shortage of fun things to do here, like jet skiing, parasailing, or even swimming with the dolphins.

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada


Besides a visit to the incredible Niagara Falls, there are many other fun attractions nearby. Some of them (like the Niagara Falls Botanical Gardens and the Niagara Glen Nature Centre) won’t even cost you anything. Discover the nightlife at the Fallsview Casino or the Dragonfly Nightclub. The drinking age in Canada is 19.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Because of its many free concerts, galleries, and parks, the fun and culture of Amsterdam is well within reach of a college student’s budget. You can also check out Amsterdam’s unique “eetcafés,”which serve meals to students for about 10 euros.


Are you longing for European culture and a beautiful Mediterranean coastline, but Greek and Italy are not within your budget? Albania could be the perfect solution. Here you will find gorgeous beaches, old-fashioned mountain villages, and impressive historic architecture. All these experiences are highly affordable: hostels cost only about 9-15 euros per night, and Albania’s delicious pastries and thick coffee will cost you almost nothing.

What are you waiting for? Get busy and start planning an adventure that you will never forget.

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